miércoles, 1 de octubre de 2014

Inglés IV, (Martes, 30/9/14)

Repasa y aprende todos estos pronombres interrogativos:
  • What...? - Qué / Cuál - What's your name?
  • Which...? - Cuál (Se utiliza cuando hay que elegir entre varios) Which car do you prever, the blue one or the red one?
  • Who...? - Quién - Who is that man? He is my father
  • Where... ? -Dónde - Where is John? He's in the kitchen
  • When...? -Cuándo- When is the party? It's on Monday
  • Why...? - Por qué- Why are you crying? Because I'm sad
  • How...? -Cómo- How do you go to work? I go by bus
  • How long...? - Cuánto tiempo - How long does it take to go to Madrid? It takes two hours from London
  • How much...? -Cuánto (para nombres incontables) - How much does the skirt cost? It's 30€
  • How many...? -Cuántos (para nombres contables) - How many children are there? There are 5 children
  • How far...? -A cuánta distancia - How far is Toledo? It's 80 km from Madrid
  • How often...? - Con cuánta frecuencia-Cuántas veces - How often do you go to the gym? I go three times a week
  • Whose...? -De quién- Whose bag is this? It's Sarah's 

  • Look at the answers and write the correct INTERROGATIVE PRONOUN:
  • _____________ were you in America? - Three years
  • ____________ do you go to the gym? - I go three times a week
  • ____________ kind of music do you like? - I like jazz and rock music
  • ____________ one do you prefer? Blue or Red? - Blue, please.
  • _____________ water is there? -There's one bottle
  • __________ are you so sad? - Because I failed my exam
  • __________ is that man? - He is my uncle
  • __________ pen is this? It's Mary's

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