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Inglés IV, (Martes, 14/10/14)

Ejercicios de repaso del bloque 10:

- Fill in the blanks with the verb in brackets. Use FUTURE SIMPLE, GOING TO or PRESENT SIMPLE:

  • 2020 ____________ (be) a good year for us
  • I think I__________ (help) you with your homework
  • We ______________ (go) on holidays next month
  • The English class _____________ (finish) at 6.
  • Look at that runner! He ____________ (win)

- Fill in the blanks with a correct INTERROGATIVE WORD

  • ________ is that woman in red? I'd like to meet her
  • _________ is Peter? He's in the kitchen
  • ______ do you go to work? By bus
  • ________is your sister? - She is 23
  • _________ water is there in the fridge? - There are two bottles
  • __________ do you go to the dentist? - Once in a year
- Fill in the blanks with a correct MODAL VERB

  • You _____________ talk during the audition.
  • You _____________ drink more alcohol, you are a driver.
  • _______ I speak to you for a minute, please?
  • _______ you pass me the salt, please?
  • Sheila __________ go to London tomorrow for work.

Comienza el estudio del bloque 11:
  • Simple Past.

  • Usamos  este tiempo verbal para expresar acciones que ya han acabado. Suelen aparecer con expresiones de tiempo que así lo indican (Last year, yesterday, last Friday, in 1998...)
Verb to be
 Affirmative                  Negative                             Interrogative           
I was                             I wasn't                                Was I?
You were                      You weren't                         Were you?
He was                         He wasn't                            Was he?
She was                       She wasn't                          Was she?
It was                             It wasn't                               Was it?
We were                       We weren't                         Were we?
You were                       You weren't                         Were you?
They were                     They weren't                       Were they?

Regular verbs. 
Affirmative (Suj + verb+ed)    Negative (suj.+didn't+verb pres)  Interrog. (did +suj+verbpres)
I lived                                        I didn't live                                       Did I live?
You lived                                  You didn't live                                  Did you live?
He lived                                    He didn't live                                   Did he live?
She lived                                  She didn't live                                 Did she live?
It lived                                       It didn't live                                      Did it live?
We lived                                   We didn't live                                  Did we live?
You lived                                   You didn't live                                 Did you live?
They lived                                 They didn't live                               Did they live?

Irregular verbs. (Aprender lista de verbos irregulares) 
Affirmative(Suj+verbpast)   Negative(suj+didn't+verb pres)   Interrog. (did + suj+ verb pres) 
I went                                     I didn't go                                       Did I go?
You went                               You didn't go                                  Did you go?
He went                                 He didn't go                                   Did he go?
She went                               She didn't go                                 Did she go? 
It went                                    It didn't go                                      Did it go?
We went                                We didn't go                                  Did we go?
You went                               You didn't go                                   Did you go?
They went                              They didn't go                                Did they go?

Be(see, estar)                                        Was, were                                      Been
Begin(empezar)                                     Began                                             Begun
Break(romper)                                        Broke                                              Broken
Buy (comprar)                                        Bought                                            Bought
Do (Hacer)                                             Did                                                   Done
Drink (Beber)                                         Drank                                              Drunk
Drive (conducir)                                     Drove                                               Driven
Eat (comer)                                            Ate                                                  Eaten
Go (ir)                                                    Went                                                Gone
Have (tener)                                          Had                                                  Had
Know (saber)                                        Knew                                                Known
Read (leer)                                            Read                                                Read
Sit (sentarse)                                         Sat                                                   Sat
Speak (hablar)                                      Spoke                                              Spoken
Think (pensar)                                    Thought                                          Thought
Win (ganar)                                         Won                                                  Won

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