miércoles, 29 de octubre de 2014

Inglés IV, (Martes, 28/10/14)

Ejercicios de repaso bloque - 11

  • Write these sentences in the negative and the interrogative:

-      Mary swam in the river
-      David and Sheila lived in London for five years
-      We were having dinner at that time
-      She was studying English at 3 o’clock

  • Fill in the blanks with the verb in brackets and use PAST SIMPLE or PAST CONTINUOUS

-      What ________ you _____ (do) yesterday at 5?
-      Yesterday I __________(buy) a new shirt
-      When my father arrived we ________ (have) dinner
-      The child ______ (break) the window while we were watching TV
-      We were waiting for the bus when it ______(start) to rain
-      The dog started to bark while the robbers ________ (try) to enter the house
-      What ___  you  ____ (do) when the hurricane ______ (start)?
-      They _________ (not work) when the boss ______ (arrive) to the office
-      The parents ________ (dance) while the children ________ (swim) in the pool
-      I ________ (arrive) to the party while they ______ (eat) the cake
-      While Mary _________ (paint) the house she _____ (fall) off the ladder.

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