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Inglés III (Lunes 28/11/11)

Repasamos el uso de los interrogativos wh-

Aprendimos los interrogativos que comienzan por wh.


  • What? - (qué, cuál) - What's your name?/ My name is John - What is this?/This is a chair
  • Which? - (qué, cuál -en el caso de que haya que elegir entre varios) - Which colour do you like? Blu, red or black?
  • Where? - (dónde) - Where are you from?/I'm from Spain - Where do you live?/I live in Seseña
  • When? - (cuándo) - When is your birthday?/It's on 12th Jue 
  • Who? - (quién) - Who is that man?/He is my brother
  • Why?. (por qué) - Why are you happy?/Because it's Saturday.
  • Whose? - (de quién) - Whose car is this?/It's mine
  • How? - (cómo) - How are you?/Fine, thanks - How do you do?/How do you do?
  • How much / How many? -(Cuánto/cuántos) - How much is this jacket? How many children are there?
  • How long? - (cuánto tiempo) - How long does it take to go to London? ¿Cuánto tiempo se tarda en ir a Londres?


1. Write the correct form of the verb in brackets. Use PRESENT SIMPLE or PRESENT CONTINUOUS.
  • Jane usually ______________ (work) very hard.
  • We _______________ (listen) to the radio at the moment
  • They _____________ (not want) to play now.
  • Peter ______________ (not read) newspapers.
  • Where _______ you _________ (go) right now?
2. Write the correct form of the adjectives in brackets. Use COMPARATIVE or SUPERLATIVE forms.

  • Your hair is ___________ (long) than mine.
  • Peter's project is ______________ (good) project in the school.
  • Mary is ____________ (pretty) than Sheila.
  • This car is __________________ (expensive) car in the shop.
  • This exercise is ________________ (difficult) than the exercise in the exam.
3. Write the correct form of the verb in brackets. Use PAST SIMPLE or PAST CONTINUOUS.

  • Yesterday at 6 o'clock, Janet ________________ (do) her homework
  • ______ the phone _______ (ring) while your were studying?
  • She _________________ (watch) TV when the postman arrived.
  • Shakespeare ___________ (write) Romeo and Juliet on the 16th century.
  • Where __________ (be) you while I was working?
4. Write SOME/ANY, A/AN in the blanks

  • There are __________ oranges in the fridge.
  • Have you got ______ money?
  • She's got _______ beautiful child
  • They've got _______ enormous crocodile in this zoo.
  • There isn't _______ milk in my coffee.
5. Write a correct wh- question.

  • _________ car is this? - It's John's
  • _________ pen do you prefer? Blue or black?
  • _________ do you go to work? - I go by bus
  • _________ are you crying? - Because I am sad.
  • _________ do you live? - I live in Seseña

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