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Inglés IV, ejercicios de repaso

Ejercicios de repaso para las vacaciones:

1. Complete the chart:

Past Simple
I bought

Past Continuous

You weren’t speaking

Past Perfect

Had you started?
Past Simple

Did you listen?

She was running


They hadn’t

2. Fill in the blanks with the verbs in brackets. Use PRESENT SIMPLE, GOING TO or FUTURE SIMPLE (WILL)
  • I think they __________ (win) the cup
  • We ______________ (go) to Italy next month
  • The plain _____________ (leave) at 6 o'clock
  • Maybe she ______________ (pass) the exam
  • Look at that man!! He ___________ (fall) !
3. Choose a correct MODAL VERB
  • You look ill. You (SHOULD/MAY) go to the doctor
  • (MAY/CAN) you open the door, please?
  • It (MUST/MAY) snow tomorrow?
  • You (SHOULDN'T/MUSTN'T) use your mobile phone in the plain.
  • Sally (MUST/CAN) get up early tomorrow.
4. Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb in brackets. Use PAST SIMPLE or PAST CONTINUOUS
  • She __________ (go) to London when she ____________ (have) the accident
  • The postman __________ (arrive) while she _____________ (work) on the project
  • Peter ____________ (write) an e-mail when the computer ___________ (go) off
  • My children ____________(break) the window while they ___________ (play) football
  • We ______________ (talk) about Anthony when he ___________ (come) into the room
5. Fill in the blanks with the verb in PAST SIMPLE tense
  • They ___________ (be) here before
  • She ___________ (have) an old car before she bought a Ferrari
  • Peter ___________ (not have) and accident before
  • _______ you ________ listened about that before?
  • When I got to the disco the party __________ (begin)

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