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Inglés III (Miércoles 30/11/11)

Ejercicios de repaso:

1. Fill in the blanks with the verb in brackets. Use PRESENT SIMPLE or PRESENT CONTINUOUS.

  • Sarah never _________ (go) to discos
  • _____ you _______ (write) e-mails every day?
  • They __________ (play) football at the moment.
  • Sheila _________ (not watch) TV now.
  • I ____________(believe)  in ghosts now.
If you can't do this exercise, click here and here
Remember what stative verbs are

2. Put these words in the correct order.
  • you/like/these/do/magazines?
  • horror/watches/sometimes/Peter/films
  • Father/never/goes/my/pubs/to
  • right now/are/working/we/hard/very
  • moment/they/at/tennis/playing/the/aren't
Remember the frequency adverbs

3. Fill in the blanks with the adjective in brackets. Use COMPARATIVE or SUPERLATIVE forms.
  • This singer is __________ (good) than the other one.
  • Mary's house is __________(big) than mine
  • Today is _____________(hot) than yesterday
  • February is ____________ (cold) month in the year.
  • This book is _________________ (interesting) book in the library.
Do this exercise about comparatives and superlatives too.

4. Fill in the blanks with the verb in brackets. Use PAST SIMPLE or PAST CONTINUOUS.
  • Picasso __________ (paint) this in 1938.
  • I ______________ (study) yesterday when she called me
  • When I saw Mary she _____________(wear) a hat.
  • What _____ you ______ (do) when I phoned you?
  • She ____________(see) me while I was running.
Click here and here to remember the formation of past simple and past continuous.

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