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Inglés III - Ejercicios de repaso

1. Fill in the blanks with the verb in brackets. Use PRESENT SIMPLE or PRESENT CONTINUOUS.

  • Mary ________________ (work) on this project at the moment.
  • Your father always ______________ (work) in this office.
  • Sarah ____________ (not want) to travel tomorrow
  • ______ you _________ (listen) to me?
  • ______ the children ________ (like) fish?

2. Complete the following sentences with a correct adjective in COMPARATIVE form.
  • A palace is ___________ than a house
  • Portugal is ________________ than Spain
  • The river Nile is _____________ than the river Ebro
  • A Mercedes is ________________ than a Seat
  • This exercise is _________________ than exercise 1
3. Fill in the blanks with the adjective in brackets. Use SUPERLATIVE forms.
  • This is the _____________ (bright) student in the school
  • This little town is the _______________(far) town from the city
  • Those were the ________________(exciting) holidays we've ever had.
  • This model the _______________ (beautiful) woman in the world
  • Your suitcase is the ______________(heavy) piece of luggage in the airport!
4. Fill in the blanks with the verb in brackets. Use PAST SIMPLE or PAST CONTINUOUS
  • I opened my umbrella when it ___________ (start) to rain.
  • It ______________(snow) heavily when we __________ (arrive) in London.
  • He ________________(ride) his bike really fast when he _________ (hit) a stone.
  • While Mary _____________ (do) her homework, her mother _____________ (read) a book.
  • I came into the room while they _____________ (talk) about me.
5. Fill in the blanks with a correct place preposition. Use AT, ON, IN, BETWEEN and UNDER
  • The sugar is ___________ the salt and the flour.
  • Emily was waiting ________ the bus stop.
  • The dog was sleeping ___________ the table and we couldn't see it.
  • There were a bottle of champagne ______ the table.
  • She has my keys _______ her handbag.
6. Fill in the blanks with a correct wh- interrogative.
  • ____________ are you staying in Madrid? - I'm staying for a month.
  • ____________ is your father? - My father is 70 years old.
  • _________ type of music do you like? - I like classical music.
  • _________ car is this? - It's my mother's
  • ________ are you cooking now? - Because I've got guests to dinner.
7. Fill in the blanks with SOME/ANY/A/AN
  • I don't want ____ apple!
  • Give me ________ sugar, please.
  • There weren't ________ people in the shop.
  • There is _______ excellent museum in this town.
  • Are there _______ museums in this town?
8. Put in order the following words to make CORRECT SENTENCES.

  • there/any/hotels/are/this/in/town/good?
  • often/dinner/her/cooks/the/evenings/in/father
  • doing/Mary/homework/the/moment/is/her/at?
  • car/prefer/Seat/or/you/which/Fiat/do/Mercedes?
  • sitting/my/between/Sarah/her/and/mother/sister/is

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