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Inglés IV Ejercicios de Repaso2

1. Complete the following sentences in correct CONDITIONAL SENTENCES. (0,2 each)
·       If you explain everything to her she ________________ (understand)
·       They won't tell the truth if the police ______________ (not force) them to do it.
·       ___________you ____________ (come) to the party if they invite you?
·       If she is in London she _______________ (phone) you.
·       If he _____________(be) such a good friend he will help us.

2. Fill in the gaps with PAST SIMPLE AND PAST CONTINUOUS tenses (0.1 each)
·       She ___________________(watch) TV while they ______________ (steal) her car.
·       ________you__________ (visit) John while you _____________ (be) in London?
·       When the accident ________________(happen) I________________(sleep).
·       They ______________________(make) a lot of noise while I __________________(study)
·       What __________yoy_________(do) when I __________________ (call) you yesterday?

3. Fill in the gaps with PAST SIMPLE AND PAST PERFECT (0.2 each)
·       He _______________(drink) a lot, so he fell on the floor
·       After all the guests had left he _________________ (clean) the kitchen
·       He ____________________(write) a lot of books before he won the Nobel Prize
·       My mother had arrived home and I __________________(not finish) the cleaning
·       ___________you______________(be) to Madrid before?

4. Fill in the gaps with PRESENT SIMPLE, GOING TO or FUTURE SIMPLE (0.2 each)
·       I think they __________________(demolish) this building
·       Look! It __________________________(be) a great party.
·       There are heavy clouds. It ______________________(snow)
·       The course _________________(start) in September
·       He promises he _______________(clean) all the house after the party
5. Use these verbs to write a correct PASSIVE VOICE in present simple or past simple.  (0.2 each) READ/USE/BUILD/MAKE/SPEAK
·       A lot of books _________________ in this library
·       This dress _______________________ out of silk
·       Chinese ______________________in this restaurant
·       Millions of stones _______________ to make this wall in the 18th century
·       Hundreds of houses___________________ in this area of the city last year.

6. Change the words to make a correct INDIRECT SPEECH. (0.1each)
·       She told you: "You were in the park yesterday"
                  She told you that (          )  (             ) in the park (                                     )
·       They said: "We can't accept this proposal"
                  They said that (             ) (                   ) accept (             ) proposal
·       Peter told me: "I will help you with your luggage tomorrow"
                  Peter told me that (           ) (                ) help me with (          ) luggage (             )

7. Choose the correct MODAL VERB. (0.2each)
·       Excuse me, sir. _____________ I ask you a question? (MAY / SHOULD)
·       Excuse me, sir. ________________ you open the window (COULD/MUST)
·       You ______________ study harder if you want that degree (CAN/MUST)
·       You ________________ clean your teeth trhee times a day. (MUST / SHOULD)
·       You ________________  use your mobile phone in class (MUSTN'T / CAN'T)

8.Write a correct OBJECT PRONOUN (0.2 each)
·       I bought a new pair of shoes. Do you like ___________?
·       She bought a new dress. Do you like ____________?
·       Sorry, speak louder, I can't hear ______________
·       We are looking for Andrew, but we can't find ___________
·       She is a wonderful woman, I think I love ______________

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