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Inglés de IV Repaso3

1. Fill in the gaps with the verb in brackets. Use PRESENT SIMPLE, FUTURE SIMPLE or GOING TO

  • Our flight ___________ (be) at 5.30
  • We ______________ (paint) the house tomorrow
  • Look at that child! He ______________ (fall)
  • Maybe Sally ___________ (marry) Peter
  • I promise ________________ (go) with you .
2. Fill in the gaps with a correct modal verb. Use MUST, MUSTN'T, SHOULD, SHOULDN'T, MAY, CAN, COULD

  • You __________ remember to buy some food
  • You _____________ eat so many sweets. You could gain weight
  • You ____________ talk during the test. It's not allowed
  • It ________ snow tomorrow. We should take some winter clothes.
  • _________ you help me with my homework, please?
3. Fill in the gaps with the verb in brackets in PAST SIMPLE o PAST CONTINUOS

  • When I heard the news I ______________ (write) an e-mail to the manager.
  • Sally _____________ (do) the washing-up when the ball hit the window.
  • What _________ you _________ (do) when the accident happened?
  • _______ you _________ (finish) the novel while I was watching TV?
  • My parents ______________ (arrive) while  I was sleeping.
4. Fill in the gaps with the verbs in brackets to form a correct CONDITIONAL SENTENCE

  • If she tells the truth I ________ (be) surprised
  • She will finish earlier if her father _________(help) her
  • If he __________(not run) faster he won't win the race.
  • If they don't start working now they ___________ (not have) the project on time
  • If he doesn't apologize to her, she ____________ (not marry) him.
5. Fill in the gaps with the verb in brackets. Use PAST PERFECT tense.

  • She _________ (come) earlier in the morning
  • They __________ (study) really hard, but they didn't pass the exam
  • By the time I arrived, the police __________ (interview) everybody
  • I _______ never ________ (be) to Italy before.
  • She ____________ (drive) a car before, but she was quite unskilled at it.
6. Complete the following sentences with a verb in the PASSIVE FORM:

  • According to the police, nobody ___________ (kill) in car accidents last month.
  • My car _______________ (repair) now. We can drive to London
  • I ______________ (not invite) to the party. I can't go.
7. Change these active sentences into PASSIVE sentences.

  • My brother wrote an e-mail.
  • They make silk dresses in Chine
8. Complete these REPORTED SPEECH sentences.

  • John said: "I like this novel" - John said that he __________ that novel
  • Mary said to Helen: "You are my best friend" - Mary said to Helen that she _________ her best friend.
  • I said: "I will help you with your homework" - I said that I _________ help you with your homework
  • They said: "We went to the park yesterday" - They said that _____   __________ to the park the previous day.
  • Alice said: "I want to be a doctor" - Alice said that she _________ to be a doctor.
9. Fill in the gaps with a correct OBJECT PRONOUN

  • We bought a pair a new shoes. Do you like ___________?
  • Look at that car. I love ______ !
  • I met Carol. I really like _______
  • Peter and I told you about it. Didn't you listen to ______ ?
  • My parents went to Italy, but I didn't go with __________

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