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Inglés IV, (Martes, 13/5/14)

Ejercicios de repaso para el examen:

1. Complete the following questions with a correct INTERROGATIVE WORD.
  • ____________ is Seseña from Madrid? - It's 27km
  • ____________ are you going to be in London? - I'm going to be two weeks
  • ____________ is this car? - It's Peter's
  • ____________ shirt do you like? The blue one or de red one? - I like the red one.
  • ____________ is your mother? - She is 60 years old
2. Complete the following sentences with a correct MODAL VERB

  • Excuse me, ___________ I ask you something?
  • I _________ get up really early tomorrow for work
  • They ________ phone me for this new job in the next few days
  • You ___________ talk during the audition
  • You ___________ eat so much fat in your meals
 3. Fill in the gaps with the correct form of the verb in brackets. Use PAST SIMPLE or PAST CONTINUOUS
  • What ____ you _____ (do) yesterday?
  • What _______ you _______ (do) yesterday at 6 o'clock?
  • This writer _______ (die) in 1976
  • Mary _______________ (look for) the keys when I stepped on them
  • The children ____________ (not study) when I opened the door. They ____________ (play)
 4. Fill in the gaps with the correct form of the verb in brackets. Use PAST PERFECT
  • She ____________ (live) in London several years before
  • He _____________ (eat) all the biscuits when I started my breakfast
  • I ____________ (not drink) this kind of tea before
  • They ____________ (not find) the right actor before meeting Brad Pitt
  • _______ you _______ (be) to New York before?
5. Complete these CONDITIONAL sentences.
  • If I finish my studies this year I __________ (travel) around Europe
  • If your father _________ (meet) you girlfriend tonight he will be very happy
  • She won't go to the party unless he __________ (beg)
  • What _______ you ________ (do) if you pass your exams?
  • If you look through this hole you ___________ (see) the kittens
6. Fill in the gaps with a correct FUTURE form. Use FUTURE SIMPLE, GOING TO or PRESENT SIMPLE
  • Look at that shelf! It ________________ (fall)
  • John and Mary _________________ (travel) around America
  • I think I _____________ (go) to Madrid this weekend
  • In 20 years all the jobs __________ (be) precarious
  • My karate lesson __________ (finish) at 5.30
7. Fill in the gaps with a correct PASSIVE VOICE form of the verb in brackets. Use present simple or past simple
  • Tea and sandwiches ______________ (serve) during the reception of the new students yesterday
  • Money matters ___________ (discussed) in the managing meeting last week
  • English and German __________ (speak) in this hotel
  • Don Quixote ___________ (read) every year by famous people on the 23rd April
  • A lot of trees _____________ (plant) in area last Summer
8. Rewrite these sentences into REPORTED SPEECH:

  • John said to his mother: "I study very hard for this exam"
  • The manager said: "We will work on this projetc tomorrow" 

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