martes, 17 de diciembre de 2013

Inglés III (Lunes, 16/12/13)

Ejercicios de repaso para el examen:
1. Fill in the gaps with a correct verb form. Use the PRESENT SIMPLE or the PRESENT CONTINUOUS

  • Sarah usually ________ (have) dinner at 8 o'clock
  • ____ you ______ (like) fish?
  • They ____________ (do) their homework at the moment
  • Now I ____________ (believe) in ghosts
  • We sometimes ____________ (go) to the cinema.
2. Fill in the gaps with the adjective in brackets. Use the COMPARATIVE form.
  • Your bag is __________ (heavy) than mine
  • Spain is ___________ (hot) than England
  • Mary's car is _________ (good) than yours
  • This sofa is ___________ (comfortable) than that chair.
  • This shop is __________ (expensive) than the other.
3. Fill in the gaps with the adjective in brackets. Use the SUPERLATIVE form.
  • Lady Gaga is ____________ (modern) singer in the world
  • It's ______________ (bad) film in this year.
  • January is _____________ (cold) month in Europe.
  • New Zealand is ________________ (far) country from Spain.
  • This book is ______________ (interesting) in the library.
4. Fill in the gaps with WHO, WHICH or WHOSE(Haz click aquí para aprender el uso de los pronombres relativos)
  • We saw the man ________ wrote a novel.
  • This is the _________ failed the exam.
  • This is the man ________  daughter died in the accident
  • Peter has a car _________ is very old
  • I like books _________ are short too read.
5. Fill in the gaps with the verb in brackets. Use the PAST SIMPLE or the PAST CONTINUOUS.
  • I ____________ (watch) the TV when I heard a loud noise.
  • She was phoning you when her parents _________(arrive)
  • What _______ you ________ (do) when the accident happened?
  • The bell ________ (ring) while she was cooking dinner.
  • The police stopped her while she _____________ (drive) very fast.
6. Fill in the gaps with a correct PLACE PREPOSITION. Use IN, ON, AT, UNDER and BEHIND
  • My parents are _______ home
  • April is _________ March in the calendar.
  • The cat is __________ the chair.
  • I live ______ Madrid
  • The supermarket is ____ the right.
7. Fill in the gaps with a correct modal verb. Use MUST, MUSTN'T, HAVE TO, DON'T HAVE TO or DOESN'T HAVE TO
  • You ___________ talk during the exam
  • I ___________ leave now. I'm meeting my friends.
  • I ____________ to get up early on Saturday. I don't work on that day.
  • They _________ study really hard if they want to pass the exam.
  • Peter _____________ work. His parents have a lot of money.
8. Fill in the gaps with SOME, ANY or NO
  • There are __________ people in the queue
  • There isn't ________ sugar in my coffee.
  • Have you got ______ money in your pocket?
  • Sorry, I have _______ time to talk. I have to go
  • There's _______ electricity. We can't turn on the TV

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