lunes, 12 de enero de 2015

Ejercicios de repaso para inglés III

1. Change these sentences into the NEGATIVE and INTERROGATIVE forms.
•They study English
•(-) ___________________
•(?) ______________________
•She works with computers
•(-) __________________
•(?) _____________________
•He is cooking now
•(-) ____________________
•(?) ___________________
•You are listening to the radio
•(-) __________________
•(?) ___________________
2. Fill in the blanks with the verb in brackets. Use PRESENT SIMPLE or PRESENT CONTINUOUS
•She never ______________ (go) to Paris
•Now they _________________ (visit) Paul at the hospital
•______ she _________ (have) coffee or tea?
•Where's your sister? -She ______________ (watch) TV
•Alice _____________ (drive) to London every morning
3. Fill in the blanks with the adjective in brackets. Use COMPARATIVE forms
•Mary is ____________ (short) than Alice
•This exercise is ____________ (easy) than that exercise
•My car is ______________ (good) than yours
•This painting is ______________(interesting) than the other one.
4. Fill in the blanks with the adjective in brackets. Use SUPERLATIVE forms
•This is the _____________ (big) sports centre in the town
•Your suitcase is the ___________ (heavy) suitcase in all the station
•That was the ___________ (bad) film of the year.
•This is the ______________ (comfortable) house in city
5. Fill in the blanks with WHO, WHICH or WHOSE.
•A builder is a person _________ builds houses
•A kettle is a thing _________ you use to boil water
•I liked the actress ___________ dress was shiny
•A waiter is a person __________ serves tables
•I like the cat __________ has black stripes
6. Complete the sentences with MUST, MUSTN'T, HAVE TO, HAS TO, DON'T HAVE TO or DOESN'T HAVE TO
•I have some money. You _______________ (go) to the bank
•Sally has no food at home. She ___________ (go) to the supermarket
•I __________ (see) Alice. It's a long time without meeting her.
•I ____________ go to London tomorrow for work
•You _____________ (use) a mobile phone in class.
7. Fill in the gaps with SOME, ANY or NO
•I haven't got _______ money in my pockets
•There is _________ sugar in the cupboard
•Have you got _______ milk?
•We have got ________ food at home. We have to go to the supermarket
•There weren't ________ people at the cinema today.
8. Complete  the  sentences  with  MUCH, MANY or A LOT OF.
•There are _________  people in the queue
•There is ________  money in that bag
•I don't have ________ time

•Have you got ________ brothers?

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