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Inglés IV- Ejercicios de repaso

Ejercicios de repaso para el examen

1. Fill in the gaps with the verb in brackets. Use PRESENT SIMPLE, GOING TO or FUTURE SIMPLE
  • Peter and Jonh ___________________(travel) to the USA next year
  • She promised she ____________ (study) harder next time
  • Maybe she _____________ (come) to the party
  • The train ___________ (leave) at 6
  • Look at that plain! It ____________ (crash)!
2.Choose a correct MODAL VERB
  • Peter __________ (may/should) go to the dentist
  • It ___________ (may/must) snow tomorrow.
  • You _____________ (shouldn't/mustn't) use the mobile phone in class
  • ______ (must/may) I close the window, please?
  • They ______________ (could/can) ride a bicycle when they were 4
3. Fill in the gaps with the verb in brackets. Use the PAST SIMPLE or the PAST CONTINUOUS
  • They ____________ (talking) about Peter when he came into the room
  • They _________ (build) their house in 1983
  • What _______ you ________ (do) yesterday at 5 o'clock?
  • The police was interviewing the suspect when the journalists ____________ (arrive)
  • What happened in the house while she ___________ (go) to the supermarket?
 4. Fill in the gaps with the verb in brackets. Use the PAST PERFECT tense
  •  He __________ (arrive) when the programme started
  • We ______________ (talk) about Mary when she phoned
  • When I stopped working they __________ (phone) me 3 times.
  • When she earned all that money she __________ (buy) a big house
  • When they took him to the hospital he __________ (die)
5. Complete the following CONDITIONAL sentences.
  • If she loves me I ___________ (marry) her
  • He won't give his sandwich unless he _______ (not want) it
  • I will buy a big car if I _________ (win) the lottery
  • What _____ you _____ (do) if Mary tells her all the story?
  • I'll go out if it __________ (not rain)
6. Complete with a correct INTERROGATIVE WORD

  • ________ kind of food do you like? - I like pasta and vegetables
  • ________ did you start collecting models? - I started in 1987
  • _________ jacket is this? - It's Jane's
  • ________ did you go to Paris? - We went by car
  • _________ did you forgive Tom? - Because I love him

7. Complete the blanks with a correct PASSIVE VOICE form. Use PAINT, MAKE, STUDY, SPEAK and BUILD. Use PRESENT SIMPLE or PAST CONTINUOUS.
  •  Japanese ___________ in this hotel
  • That town hall _____________ in 1989
  • These trainers _____________ in China
  • Phychology ____________ in this University
  • This picture __________ in 1834
8. Fill in the blanks to make correct DIRECT SPEECH sentences.
  • Harry said to Mary: "I like your new dress"
 - Harry said to Mary______________________ new dress
  • Alice said to John: " I won't marry you"
- Alice said to John ______________ marry ___________

  • My mother said to me: "You were in the park yesterday"
-My mother said to me _______________________________

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